Partners and Clients

In my work with individual clients, I meet and work with a variety of great people. What they have in common is their desire to make a positive change in their bodies and in their lives. My work has been described by clients as: 'enabling, clarifying, passionate and sensitive, playful yet intense.'

Here is some of the feedback I have received:

'I found great value in my coaching sessions with JF. I very quickly felt that I could trust him. JF´s finely tuned sense of hearing meant he was able to read between the lines and we really got to the heart of the matter. He has a playful yet practical style and is a very genuine person. As a result of our coaching I have moved forward in my life and I now have a different approach to how I make decisions. JF was instrumental in this shift and I am eternally grateful for the positive impact that this has had on my life.'
'Jean-Francois encouraged me to be completely honest about what I thought. His easy solidity and unshakeable belief that I would find the answer I wanted, meant that I had the space to explore solutions for myself. And that of course meant that I found what I needed.'

Though I can and do work alone, I prefer to work with others. Here are some of my partners: