Background and Training

Born in Canada, I’ve spent the majority of my life in other countries and am fluent in English and French. I currently live in France with my wife and daughter.

Over the years, I have enjoyed a rich and diverse professional life, integrating three continuous threads of activity:

…as a support for others

At the heart of my career has been a desire to help others achieve their goals.

This has lead me to establish my my own practice where I work with individual clients through coaching, Shiatsu and Californian Massage.

Background in support

…as a teacher and communicator

For me, teaching is a powerful way of helping others to achieve their goals. I have been teaching for many years in a variety of subjects, both practical and conceptual. My approach is direct, dynamic, interactive, experiential and playful.

Background in teaching

  • Shiatsu and Californian massage instructor, co-founder of the Ecole des cinq saisons in France.
    I also run wellness and bodywork seminars through Caparmonie and other organisations.
  • Former lecturer and researcher with the Université de Paris XI and the University of Ottawa; PhD and post-doctorate in IT and Cognitive Science . Author of two books and various articles in international journals.

…as a consultant

From individuals to teams, I began to work with organisations later in my career.

Having had experience of starting, running and selling companies, I now help organisations with their development. Just as in my work with individuals and groups, I endeavour to help the organisation to define and achieve its goals.

Background in consultancy

  • Co-founder and owner-director of 2helix, a software and services company based in London. 2helix was rated by the London Times among the 25 fastest-growing companies in the UK, and won a number of awards for software innovation and customer satisfaction. The company was sold to a NASAQ-quoted company based in the US. After the sale, I was integrated into the acquiring company’s executive team as CTO.
  • Independent consultancy and programme management experience within the high-tech and telecoms industry in North America and Europe.

My learning edge...

Is in discovering how we process, store and integrate experiences with our bodies, our emotions and our mind. Often, this processing is not fully integrated and results in experiences being buried, inaccesible and possibly harmful. The focus of my learning is around understanding how best to reintegrate these aspects of ourselves in the context of our everyday lives.