…driving principles

Although I act in a variety of apparently different areas, it’s all about helping people achieve and develop

  • Accompanying them in their personal development paths
  • Teaching them new personal and professional skills
  • Assisting teams of people to develop together more effectively within organisations

Underpinning this work are values about the importance of

  • Being whole, clear and balanced in body, mind and soul
  • Bringing this integrity to others in our life and work

…approach to personal development

It seems we go out of our way to make our lives difficult. We work and live in ways which throw our bodies out of balance and stifle our emotions. We suffer diminished mental capacities from the resulting imbalance and discomfort.

To individual clients, I offer coaching and bodywork (Shiatsu, Californian Massage).

Much of my coaching has been about helping clients to see clearly, to formulate a purpose and goal for themselves, then to achieve this goal. I work with words, breath, body position, metaphor, role-play and other verbal and non-verbal tools.

As for bodywork, my experience is that it is a 'voyage of rediscovery'; when clients initially come to me, they often are only aware of their discomfort - headaches, back aches, poor sleep, tiredness & lack of energy & enthusiasm … As we work together on the whole body and the most obvious symptoms diminish, the client’s attention shifts to a more balanced perspective. They rediscover entire parts of themselves that they had forgotten – areas of their body, buried emotion, untapped skills.

…approach to organisational development

I’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand how powerful teams drive the best organisations forward, and how easily less supportive organisations can render individuals dysfunctional.

My work is based on the assumptions made by Deming and others, that:

  • All else being equal – individuals feel most fulfilled when they are achieving and developing
  • Through team interaction, individuals can multiply their ability and power
  • Organisations can – but only rarely do – provide a supportive environment for their teams

This work takes the form of:

  • Team coaching and facilitation
  • Strategic consulting and project design

My clients are varied, including large commercial companies, not-for-profit organisations and small pioneering teams. I have a strong business and technical background, which I call upon frequently, since in addition to the human side of the work, many of my assignments require a “deep dive” into the more operational aspects of the organisation.